Trading System
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  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Curriculum
  3. Requirement of Graduation

Introduction to the Course

The world’s financing market faces more and more complexity as its variability increases and new financing products are emerging continuously. Owing to the recent occurrence of derivative financing products, analysis of financial market itself becomes impossible without the support of IT. Especially in the trading field, it is necessary to secure the systematic trading technique that can analyze and treat complicated data on a real-time basis.
In spite of the explosively increasing demand of trading system specialists of these days, there is an absolute need for the advanced professional education course in Korea. To keep pace with such need, our Trading System Major focuses on the cultivation of professional manpower of trading equipped with the work proficiency required by each field of the industry through actual work-oriented specialized and systematic education and research.

Objectives and Characteristics

  • Fostering the site work oriented specialist equipped with the skills of advanced trading technique
  • Fostering the professionals equipped with the ability of work-oriented trading using IT techniques
  • Pursuing the cultivation of trading specialist who is treated with the highest level of remuneration
  • Training of actual field transaction for the stocks and derivative products through work-oriented simulation transaction and actual transactions
  • Favor of a variety of scholarship systems (Full-time: Scholarship amounting to 50%~100% of registration fee)
  • Providing the Lab, providing the opportunity of employment through industry-academic institute cooperation

Post-Graduation Prospects

Derivative Products/IB team in asset operating company, investment consulting company, Securities Company, bank, pension fund, etc. Computer works at securities company, insurance company, assets operating companies, etc. Hedge fund business circle, and Individual investor.