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why bit : top-class faculty, innovative curriculum, practical education support, best infrastructure, powerful network

- Professor faculty within a variety of spectrum of majors who takes the lead of MIS in Korea for more than 25 years
- Best education staff composed of 12 full-time professors who are the specialists of advanced theory and technique and external professionals equipped with field experience and working-level knowledge

- Working-level oriented curriculum based on case study, discussion, practice, etc. for cultivating the manpower suitable for the field of management and IT convergence
- Operating the education program that is specializing the business IT, which belongs to the traditional management/IT convergence field, into the media and financial industry field

- Supporting the scholarship amounting to 100% of school tuition fee*
- Paying the research grants separately from scholarship in case of participating in the research project**
- Providing individual research space (Lab), equipment, and PC**
- Operating the Part-Time Master’s and Doctor’s courses that can be completed by taking the lesson once a week (Sat.)

- Best educational environment composed of advanced multi-media lecture theater, computer exercise room, and seminar room
- Equipped with domestic and foreign academic data for supporting research and lecture as well as the analysis tool such as TradeStation for analyzing and transacting the financial market

- Network of alumni composed of 200 masters and doctors who are actively working in large-size enterprises, public institutes, and academic circle
- Close exchange among students through the activity of Alumni Association attended by all the students enrolled
- Large-scale regular workshop attended together by enrolled students and alumni

* Applicable to Full-time Master’s Course only / ** Applicable to Full-time Master’s and Doctor’s Courses only